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2019 Uniform/Equipment Orders Happening NOW

Warriors -

The Uniform and Equipment Store is NOW OPEN and has a FAST APPROACHING Deadline. 

We apologize for the rush but need orders in to assure timely delivery prior to our first game. 


Click the button entitled"Uniform and Equipment Store" in the site Menu
**2018 Warrior Fundraiser Participants please use store titled for you**

Grades K-2: Your Uniform Store is Coming SOON


Equipment is included for participants in grades K - 2; Equipment Rental is available for New/First Year participants in grades 5 - 8. 

Click the button entitled"Uniform and Equipment Store" in the site Menu

****DEADLINE TO PLACE ORDER 1/18/2018****

Please don’t delay and order today!

Please note: For stores with free items; please check out with the $0.01 balance and disregard, it is needed for the system to work properly. No money will be collected.  


NEW Spirit Wear Store Now OPEN!

We apologize for the issues we had with Universal Athletics. We have gone back to our roots with Bonney Lake’s very own Sports Connection going forward. Stores will close and re-open on the 15th of the month. Items will be delivered for distribution a week later (on average).

Shop the new store HERE!

Passcode: WARRIORS

Questions: Please reach out at

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Welcome to the 2019

Sumner-Bonney Lake Youth Lacrosse Warriors!  






Please note: Our registration system works best with Google Chrome!


Sumner-Bonney Lake Youth Lacrosse is a NEW K – 8 youth lacrosse program in the South Sound Lacrosse League. Our club was formerly a part of Lake Tapps Lacrosse Club (Titans).  


In the summer of 2018 the Boys portion of Lake Tapps Lacrosse club became permanently divided due to enrollment size and to better serve the three individual school districts our athletes represented.  The K - 8 girl’s lacrosse program will remain combined under the Lake Tapps Lacrosse program until which time the program growth warrants a split.


Below are the organizations that represent our area in the South Sound League:


Sumner-Bonney Lake Youth Lacrosse (Warriors)

Boys & Girls (K-2); Boys (3-8)

Area Served: Athletes enrolled in the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District



North Tapps Legacy Lacrosse (Skyhawks)

Boys (K-8)

Area Served: Athletes enrolled in the Dieringer School District



Hornets Lacrosse (Hornets)

Boys (3-8)

Area Served: Athletes enrolled in the White River School District



Lake Tapps Lacrosse (Titans)

Girls (K-8)

Area Served: Athletes enrolled in the Enumclaw, White River, Sumner-Bonney Lake and Dieringer School District






2019 SBL Warriors Registration information: 




Please note: Athletes must play for the club assigned to the public school district they are currently enrolled in. Homeschooled & Private School Athletes must enroll in the league that represents the public school district boundaries your primary residence ins assigned. Questions on what league you belong to can be sent to






Lacrosse is fun to play and super exciting to watch. It is characterized by intense action, strategy, finesse and power.  It is a game with long, looping passes and short bullet-like shots: to catch a pass over the shoulder while running at full stride, to hit the top corner of the net while in full flight, or to stop a shot aimed low through a maze of players requires a range of skills unsurpassed in any other sport. The wide open-nature of the game makes it a thrilling and fantastic spectator sport. Most kids introduced to this sport fall in love with it.



Lacrosse is a game of speed and stamina – there’s no standing around in lacrosse. With its back-and-forth nature, all lacrosse players, even goalies, are kept active. Lacrosse is a great way to build cardiovascular endurance, coordination, agility, and strength. 



Team sports are an excellent way to learn how to come together and work towards a common goal. The players work, sweat, plan and play together. Overcoming obstacles within a team is also a good way to develop lifelong friendships.

Like other team sports, lacrosse offers opportunities to develop leadership skills, social interaction skills, a sense of belonging and camaraderie, as well as physical skills, friendships, and respect for teammates, coaches, and officials.


TRADITION & HISTORY (as by described by

Lacrosse was one of many varieties of indigenous stickball games being played by American Indians at the time of European contact. Almost exclusively a male team sport, it is distinguished from the others, such as field hockey or shinny, by the use of a netted racquet with which to pick the ball off the ground, throw, catch and convey it into or past a goal to score a point. The cardinal rule in all varieties of lacrosse was that the ball, with few exceptions, must not be touched with the hands.

Additional information on the History of the game can be found:




Please never hesitate to reach out with any question/concerns - We are VERY happy to help in any way we can. NO question is silly or dumb! Email questions to



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